Being Human US

Being Human US 2011

Watch Being Human US Online Show Stream at Being Human US Streaming Based on a series originally aired on the BBC, BEING HUMAN examines the personal lives of three classic horror character types -- a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost -- as they attempt to carve out something resembling a "normal" existence when they re not drinking blood, howling at the moon, or haunting an old brownstone.

S4 Episode 13 : There Goes the Neighborhood
S4 Episode 12 : House Hunting
S4 Episode 11 : Ramona The Pest
S4 Episode 10 : Oh Dont You Die For Me
S4 Episode 9 : Too Far, Fast Forward
S4 Episode 8 : Rewind, Rewind...
S4 Episode 7 : Gallows Humor
S4 Episode 6 : Cheater of the Pack
S4 Episode 5 : Pack It Up, Pack It In
S4 Episode 4 : The Panic Womb
S4 Episode 3 : Lil Smokie
S4 Episode 2 : That Time of the Month
S4 Episode 1 : Old Dogs, New Tricks