Masters of Illusion

Masters of Illusion 2014

Watch Masters of Illusion Online Show Stream at Masters of Illusion Streaming In MASTERS OF ILLUSION, top illusionists share the spotlight in impressive shows of sleight of hand, large-scale tricks, and daring escapes. Hosted by Dean Cain, the series splices segments of live stage shows, yielding 30 minutes packed with jaw-dropping feats of magic and occasionally comedy. Some tricks call for an audience members participation; others simply dare viewers to explain acts that seemingly defy the laws of science.

S4 Episode 13 : Magic Pup, When Doves Fly, the Physical Transformations
S4 Episode 10 : Body Piercings, Mind Over Matter, and Those Crazy Cards
S4 Episode 9 :
S4 Episode 8 : Episode 8
S4 Episode 6 : Episode 6
S4 Episode 5 : Episode 5
S4 Episode 4 : Episode 4
S4 Episode 3 : Episode 3
S4 Episode 2 : A Magical Smorgasbord
S4 Episode 1 : Techno Magic Quick Change And A Guillotine