Recovery Road

Recovery Road 2016

Watch Recovery Road Online Show Stream at Recovery Road Streaming centers on Maddie (Sula), a party girl and a highly functioning addict who doesn’t think she has a problem until she’s confronted one day by her school guidance counselor and is forced to choose between expulsion and rehab. Maddie makes the difficult decision to live with other recovering addicts at a rehab facility, while facing the daily pressures of her teenage life.

S1 Episode 10 : (Be)Coming Clean
S1 Episode 9 : Your Side Of The Street
S1 Episode 8 : The Weaklings
S1 Episode 7 : Sick As Our Secrets
S1 Episode 6 : Heaven Backwards
S1 Episode 5 : My Loose Thread
S1 Episode 4 : Parties Without Borders
S1 Episode 3 : Surrender
S1 Episode 2 : The Art of the Deal
S1 Episode 1 : Pilot