Saints & Sinners

Saints & Sinners 2016

Watch Saints & Sinners Online Show Stream at Saints & Sinners Streaming SAINTS AND SINNERS is an English-language telenovela -- replete with soapy melodrama, intrigue, and high romance -- about young lovers from rival Miami hotelier families. And just in case viewers don't make the connection themselves between this story and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the writers have conveniently named the central characters Roman Martin (Scott Bailey) and Julia Capshaw (Tyler Kain). The story begins when Roman climbs Julia's balcony, proposes to her on the beach ... and later winds up squatting over her dead father's body with blood on his hands. Fast-forward to a year later: Roman is on trial for murder, and the long-standing feud between the two families is burning bright, especially when Julia's mother (Mel Harris) -- a cold, steadfast protector of her family and business -- clashes with Roman's fiery, equally strong mother, Diana (Maria Conchita Alonso). Robin Givens also has a role as a hot designer with a powerful sexual appetite.

S1 Episode 8 : Revelations
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S1 Episode 2 : Hustle Is Still The Hustle
S1 Episode 1 : Power Is Our Religion