Odd Mom Out Season 3 Episode 5 — Jury Doody

Bravo’s scripted comedy series ODD MOM OUT stars Jill Kargman as the quirky Jill Weber, whose marriage into an extremely wealthy New York City family is forcing her to find a way to navigate privileged social circles on her own terms. Although her husband Andy (Andy Buckley) is a very successful and down-to-earth attorney, they find themselves in the shadows of Andys rich but not-too-smart brother, Lex (Sean Kleier), whose lucky business ventures have made him a Wall Street superstar. She also must contend with Lexs sweet but obnoxious wife Brooke (Abby Elliott) and her pretentious mother-in-law (Joanna Cassidy). From filling out endless kindergarten applications for her twins, to defending her decision to not hire full-time child care staff, Jill often finds it difficult to stay true to who she is thanks to the perks and pressures that come with the life of New Yorks upper crust. Luckily, friend and doctor Vanessa (KK Glick) helps her keep it real.

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